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MLP: Aeon Light by Paladin360 MLP: Aeon Light by Paladin360
Sarina Ring: Paladin? if you hear me? you did grow up and made lots of friends you've had...

Aeon Light, he living in the Diamond Hope city in his room. He was a DJ and love to make his music louder and louder what he can. But back then. He was a colt while he was use to live in Diamond Kingdom. He always open very loud volume so everypony on neighbor can hear it and complaining... He has his big sister, Leena Light, she love to do a rock n roll. Even though she was move to bigger city is Diamond Hope. So he wanted to see his sister or tried to talk to her. But not responding. He think he knows she was being very busy. Later on when he at his room doing Dj hardware. He being bored for what he did to wake lots of pony at night

Aeon: Ugh, I'm SOOOOOOoooooo bored DX stupid neighbor. They not fun when I do loudest music... wish my sister was here while she was move.... *looking the giant speaker* hm...
Leon: Oh, Sweetie... is... *heard LOUDEST MUSIC* AAAAAAHHHH!!! NOT AGAIN D:
Aeon: *is loudest music while his room was shaking* OH HECK YEAH WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT 8D 
*many pony outside is cover there ears and some were running*
Leon: *is trying to going up stair and fell down* AEON!!! DX *is climbing*
Aeon: *cannot hear her mom*
Leon: AEON!!! DX *open his room and blasted to the wall by the music* AEON D8<
Aeon: *saw her mother and turn his DJ off* Hi, mom :D do you like it? ^^
Leon: *fell down from the wall and leave the mark from the wall* Aeon, how many time to stop making very loud music? I know you love and me, too. But? every pony don't like it.
Aeon: But? I really love to making loud music, though? D:
Leon: Well... you can turn the volume lower so no pony never get complaints ^^ well... 10 time in the row of course...
Aeon: But, it is boring when I turn th music lower? :c
Leon: How about the neighbor? they don't really like it, when they wanted nice peace and quiet.
Aeon: *had idea* How about the sound proof? 8D that would help, right? ^^
Leon: Well... I still feel our house was shaking while you are making loudest music, though
Aeon: That mean...
Leon: No, and stop complaining. Almost all our stuff will fall down with my broken dishes or something...
Aeon: Ok...
Leon: Good, now I have to go back down stair to clean up the mess you've did... *went back to downstair with broom*

And that how he cannot make any loudest music. He just laying down to his bed and being bored all day long. He was thinking, thinking, and thinking. But he was going to do a park, but it is bad idea. Then he going do a forest, eh that was huge bad idea, then

Aeon: *gasp* I have an idea 8D *is starring at the royal palace* that place was perfect ^^ I think... hm.. meh I don't think those Diamond Royal Guard won't bothering it... well going to try ^^ *at night while pushing the DJ hardware outside of castle* Hm... should I make loudest music or not? huh, I'm going to do loud music just all ^^ which I won't wake them up and I'll be trouble ;~; well I decided ^^ *is making his loud music*
Paladin: *is woken up by loud music* huh? what's that noise? *walk up to the window and looking down. Saw the pony is under him* Who's that pony down there? it's night time, is he suppose to be asleep, right now? I'm going to ask him anyway... Hello? hello? 
Aeon: *cannot hear him*
Paladin: Most be he didn't hear me I'm saying... *coming out from his room, went downstair in the royal hall and went outside next to him* Um... *poking him*
Aeon: Huh? *take off his headphone* Oh... um.. hi? did I woke you up?
Paladin: Yeah, you've did. You woke me up *is pointing above him at the window were open*
Aeon: *looking at it* Oh... Heh Sorry about that. I didn't notice it ^-^;;;
Paladin: *looking at the DJ hardware* Um... why are you up at night that late? And why are you even here? do you know you'll get a trouble for that?
Aeon: Heh, long story short ^^ you see? I though this place is nice place to make some music without causing some trouble ^^ But I really do love to make a loudest music, though D:
Paladin: Huh... *looking at DJ hardware and look at him* Second, thought? *looking right to left and whisper to him* do you think you can make it louder? I really like it? X3
Aeon: *is surprising* Ok, lets do it *wink* ;D *turn on his music with loudest sound*
Red Rose: *woke up while hears the music. Went to her window and looking around. Saw them* Heh... well they having some fun there ^^ *walking out from the room and ask a Royal Guard to ask them not to interrupting them*
Royal Guard: Of course your highness and I'll ask other guard aswell *walking away to ask other guard*
Red Rose: *walk back to her room and ask him* hun?
Guardian: I already know... *using the sound proof barrier and go back to sleep*

Minute later when they both stop the music and take a short break

Aeon: Heh, you seem cool you like a loud music, I am
Paladin: Yup, I really do like it. And it is very great. I never knew there was DJ pony in the Kingdom.
Aeon: Lucky for you, I'm here ^^ *sigh* you are the only one who like my loudest music
Paladin: Only one?
Aeon: Yup. At home? I was trying to make loudest I can. Then lots of neighbor is really mad when I do that... Beside? I wanted to see my sister again, when she was move, while I was a foal...
Paladin: Why is she leave?
Aeon: Good point. She wanted to be famous and make every pony of Diamond Empire for joy and excitement for them... when she arrive at the Hope City? she never call us or even send any letter...
Paladin: Oh, I'm really sorry to hear it...
Aeon: Yup, Well? when I grow up? I'm going to move to the city to see my sister again.
Paladin: Really? that great when you going to grow up to see your sister ^^
Aeon: *sigh* well thanks for stay with me and enjoy my music
Paladin: You're welcome ^^

So then they fell asleep. While they are very tired to stay up very late. Even though? Aeon Light, going to see his sister when he'll grow up to move. After when he see his sister? He'll become DJ to show them how he made his loud music. Well only night party of course. Morning when the sun was rising.

Leon: Aeon? AEON?! WHERE ARE YOU? *is searching for him at town*
Paladin: *woke up* Huh? morning already? *looking at him and shake him* Wake up? it's morning.... *is getting tired*
Aeon: Huh? *yawn* morning already? ugh...
Red Rose: *walking to them with there two Guard* Are you two, are having fun?
Paladin: Mom?
Aeon: Red Rose?! 0~0;;;
Red Rose: *looking at him* Your mother is looking for you
Aeon: My mom? oh ok then *stand up and leave, while stop there* Hey? I can't catch your name yet?
Paladin: *standing up* oh, I'm Paladin ^^
Aeon: Nice to meet you, Paladin, and I'm Aeon Light, but just call me Aeon *ran toward her mother*
Paladin: Bye, Aeon :D *waving to him*
Red Rose: Come on lets go back inside
Paladin: Ok, mom ^^ *went back to the Palace*
Red Rose: *looking at Paladin, and starring Aeon* Hm, he seem nice 

When he went back to his mom? his mom are worry sick about him for getting in trouble or something like that. Though she is very glad he is safe, then. Later he went back to the Palace to see his new friends he made. When he enter?

Aeon: *whistle* That was a nice place he's living, but big *continue starring* Wow, is he a prince or something? *saw Paladin wondering the royal hall* Hey, Paladin!!!
Paladin: Huh, Aeon? hi :D *to him* Hi, Aeon ^^ what are you doing here?
Aeon: I was visiting you of course ^^ but? you living here?
Paladin: I always living here, why? :I
Aeon: Whoa, never seen this coming... so later back then? is Red Rose is your mother?
Paladin: Yeah, she is ^^
Aeon: *talking to his mind* Whoa, I guess right at first time. Oh, ok ^^ So can I look around this place? ^^
Paladin: Well, this palace is really big, though, and you'll get lost. But not lost though, when you ask any of Diamond Guard ^^
Aeon: Huh... are you have time to show me around? this palace I never seen it before
Paladin: Ok, I'll show you ^^

Paladin is showing his new friends around the palace. Which he was shocked when he saw alot in it. They continue showing him. Finally they finish

Aeon: Thank, friends ^^ and that was really awesome and never met as a friends as prince before
Paladin: Well... hehe ^-^;;;
Aeon: *look out side* I have to go, I don't want my mom worry about me ^^
Paladin: Ok, and bye and good luck for the DJ and seeing your sister ^u^
Aeon: I will and bye ^^

That is how they met at mid night. He always wanted to make his music loud and made a new friends, which he love loud music. Even though? Aeon light is grow up as young colt. He is moving at the trains station. While saying goodbye to him.

Aeon: Hey? Your Majesty *wink*
Paladin: Stop calling me that. I still not a king, yet you do know, right?
Aeon: Heh, sorry about ^^ Well this is it then...
Paladin: Yup, seeing you moving for your dream
Aeon: Yup, but what you say at the Palace. Someday you'll going to make a new friends, just like your first friends, right?
Paladin: *remind himself is Sarina Ring* Yeah, her...
Aeon: Don't worry. You'll be find if you make new friends, ok? and someday I'll visit you... *hear the trains is leaving* Darn it. I have to leave bye!!! *ran toward the trains and sticking out from the window. Waving to him*
Paladin: Bye, Aeon *continue waving while crying* see you later then....

So on, now Aeon have a chance to see her sister and become a DJ over the city he'll moving, but further future away

Aeon Light message: Your Majesty? or I should call you Paladin... heh, well guess what? I already met my sister. And she was AWESOME as same time when she was popular. When she saw me, right? she was crying when I met her... I know I'm  crying to when I met her. And another thing? I become a DJ which alot of pony really LOVE it. So I don't know what to say about that for everypony is enjoying myDJ music... well I'm glad I met you at night and I'm glad to met every of your friends. Well see you later then... Bye
*ended message*

Paladin friends from OC backstories

M=Mare                                 P= Pegasus

S=Stallion                              U= Unicorn
E= Earth

(M)(E) Sarina Ring (living in Diamond Hope City) (She first met him while she walking around on the park when he being fall) [She use to live in Diamond Kingdom]
(S)(U) Aeon Light (living in Diamond Hope City) (He second met him during at midnight and wake him up while his music is very loud) [He use to live in Diamond Kingdom]
(S)(E) Old West (Living in Diamond Western) (He third met him while on rodeo in the Diamond Kingdom)
(M)(U) Star Chaser (living in Diamond Sunset town) (She fourth met him while she taking a walk at night, by herself without any friends)
(M)(E) Sarry Tune (living in Diamond Falls) (She Fifth met him while she on top on the rock playing some flute) [She use to live in Diamond Sea Shore City]
(M)(U) Golden Peach (living in Diamond Falls) (She sixth met him while she's needed help gathering peach)
(S)(E) Neo Fern (living in Sunset town) (He seventh met him while hanging around with his friend Thunder strike at the Castle) [He use to live in Diamond Kingdom]
(S)(P) Thunder Strike (living in Cloud Citadel) (He eighth met him while hanging around with his friend Neo Fern at the Castle) [He use to live in Diamond Kingdom]
(M)(U) High Night (living in Sunset Town) (He ninth met him met while he in the middle of the night, watching the star)
(S)(P) Cirrus Cloud (Living in Hurricane city) (He tenth met him when he being nervous alot and never talk to no pony alot)
(M)(E) Judy (Living in Diamond Rose City) (She eleventh met him when she is very shy and afraid) 
(M)(E) Madame June (Living in Diamond Hope City) (She twelfth met him at the stage in the Royal Palace)

Music I've listen……
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Finity-Splatter Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
THIS IS SO COOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I look up to you so much my bub!! X3
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THANKS!!! La la la la La la la la La la la la 

 Yayoi Takatsuki + Mami Futami Emote - Glomp/Hug 
LaurentSML Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're a pro on drawing ponies!Great job ! I think that's a cool room! Very very creative!
Keep it up!
Paladin360 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks :D which I did tried my best for the bed there just like the last time I draw the bed and it look bed there XD and here is my first time to draw the bed… also, I have no idea what to ad to his room there for the wall, so I just instead to finish it there X3
Frollo7797 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I WANT a bedroom like that
Paladin360 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
But his bed room look boring >.> well, not boring though when he is next to the window to see the view there :3 hehe X3
Frollo7797 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Bio-Iridescence Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wubwubwubwub XD Awesome job! I like the fact that she's a musician ^^
Paladin360 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aeon Light: Hey? I'm not a girl >.<
Bio-Iridescence Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Bio: oh I'm so sorry for my mis type there Aeon :3
Paladin360 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aeon: Is ok hehe X3 so what sup? :3
Bio-Iridescence Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Bio: oh you know just diplomat duties and such. *sigh* I've had to clean up quite a big mess that Destra left behind when she was in charge, so I've been traveling all over fixing relations.
Paladin360 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aeon: Ok then, ^^ which I not much knowing about the military or a company there ^u^ I'm just a DJ, you know ^u^
Bio-Iridescence Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Bio: i know, that's a way better job anyway haha

(I actually made a musician pony awhile back named Alta Voz, she sings)
Paladin360 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aeon: heh, yup ~w~ so do you like to visit me to the motel? ^u^

(Really? that cool you made her in back then ^u^ are you going to plan to draw her? I wanted to see it <.<)
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TheCrimsonSpark Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
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